Use this form to contact the publicity team at TBCS for inclusion of event updates into the bulletin, calendar, website, etc. NOTE: Do not use this form if this is a new event, even if it is a class that has been held before.  For new events use the New Event Request Form. Deadline for inclusion into the bulletin is Friday at noon. Deadline for inclusion into the newspaper and other media outlets varies – some are as long as 6 weeks.  Please plan ahead for best results.


  • Include two write-ups: a calendar write-up and a long write-up to be used for the newsletter, website & newspaper
  • Calendar write-up is limited to 6 paragraphs with a maximum of 900 characters including spaces
  • Write-up for the newsletter and website should be more descriptive and written in the form of a news article
  • Always include day(s) & time for the SIG, as well as the starting date if it is new
  • If class size is limited, specify the number
  • Specify “who should attend this group/ class” - such as anyone, novice, expert, etc.