Educator Information

Instructor & SIG Leader Procedures

First, THANK YOU for being an educator at Tampa Bay Computer Society! We appreciate the time and effort that you put in to make the user groups and classes possible. Following are our procedures to set up a new class or SIG and to make changes or announcements.

Types of Events

A SIG is a “Special Interest Group”, also known as a user group. These groups meet on a regular basis and are free to all TBCS members. There is no curriculum. The topics are chosen by the SIG leader (with input from the group) and do not follow any particular direction. User groups are ongoing and changing. Both members and leaders contribute and share.

A Class is a structured learning environment with a set curriculum designed by the Instructor. A class is scheduled for a limited set of dates and times. This might be a single two-hour class or four weekly two-hour sessions, for example. Classes have a fee unless they are specifically noted as free.

A Seminar is a one-time event, although it may span two days in some cases. Seminars may be free or have a fee.

New SIG or Class Request

If you would like to schedule a new event (Class, SIG or Seminar) OR if you would like to change the date(s) of your event, please complete the Event Request Form. This form goes directly to the Education & Calendar Events Director (currently Rudy Crawford). Please complete all the requested information so that a response can be given in a timely fashion. Rudy will notify you with an approval or let you know if there is a conflict. He will also forward the information to the publicity committee where it can be added to the bulletin, calendar, website and other media outlets.

The forms require information such as dates, times, instructor, and write-ups for the newsletter, calendar, website and other media outlets.  See the complete directions on the form.

Change Request

If you have other changes or notifications after your event is approved please notify us using the Publicity Team Form.

If you need to change a day, date or time, please use the Event Request Form.

Publicity & Announcements

The TBCS Publicity Team works very hard to make sure news of your event gets out to the masses.  The Publicity Team consists of the following:

  • The Education Director
  • The Editors of the TBCS Weekly Bulletin
  • The Media Coordinator
  • The Editor of the TBCS Calendar
  • The TBCS Webmaster

All publicity requests other than the original event scheduling request should be submitted via the Publicity Request Form.

Please observe the following deadlines and requirements for submission:

TBCS Weekly Bulletin

Deadline is Noon on Friday for the following week’s bulletin

  • Classes will be listed with the information you send in with your original Class Request. Please do not send
    in additional requests unless something has changed.
  • SIG Leaders are encouraged to use the online form to send in a paragraph about their upcoming SIG each month.


Deadline for calendar changes is Friday at noon for the following Monday.

Media Submissions

The Media Coordinator submits information to the newspapers, TV and Radio Stations and online media outlets.
There is a minimum 6 week lead time for this type of publicity. Two months is even better. The longer we have to publicize your event the more people will see it and hopefully you will have a great turnout. Deadline for submission is the last day
of the month.

  • For Classes: If you send your class request with enough lead time, the Media Coordinator will submit the information you send with your original class request PROVIDED it is written up as described in the Event Request Form.
  • For SIGs: SIG information is not routinely sent out to the media but we are happy to do so if you will write it up as a news story. Include the items shown in the Event Request Form. You can look at the “Things to Do” section in the paper for ideas on how to write your story. Remember the lead time if you are promoting a specific date / topic.


We would love to promote you on the website. Deadlines and requirements are the same as Media Submissions (above).
For SIGs: A description of your SIG is shown on the Special Interest Groups page. This description stays the same unless there is a permanent change to be made. If you have a change to your SIG page description please email the webmaster. Start your email with: “Website SIG Page Description Change”.

Collecting Online Payments

If you would like to collect event fees via an online payment form you can request this when you submit your Event Request Form. This must be done at least 6 weeks prior to your event.