We will digitize your media!

Items dropped off at TBTC require a $20 deposit and a signed Release of Liability. TBTC will call you to arrange pickup after the work is completed.

VHS to DVD $9 per cassette tape (2 hour maximum)
Scan 35mm Slides, Photographs, or Negatives $2 each (minimum 10 items)
Digitize 35mm Slides using the camera $25 per 100 slides (minimum 20 slides)
Audio Cassettes, 8 Track Tapes, or Phonograph Records $7 each
Duplicate multiple CDs $2.00 each


Sorry, but we do not convert Regular 8mm or Super 8mm movie film!

Bring blank CDs, DVD+Rs, or Flash Drives.
CDs, DVD+Rs, Jewel Cases, & Envelopes can be obtained for a donation at TBTC.