A/V Media StudioThe A/V Media Studio has been established at TBTC so members can convert various forms of Analog recordings to Digital format. Jack Marscher is the A/V Coordinator and oversees the department. While usage of this equipment is free to our members, you MUST initially be trained in order to properly use it. Read more about requesting mentoring below.

If you would rather we do the work for you, we do offer paid services.

Here are the types of conversions we are capable of performing:

  • VHS Tapes to DVD
  • Vinyl Phonograph Records to CD (clean up those scratches too!)
  • Audio Cassette or 8 Track Tapes to CD (while getting rid of tape hiss, etc.)
  • CD duplication (several at once)
  • 35mm Slides to JPGs (negatives also)
  • Scanning B&W or Color Photographs to a CD or Flash Drive


  • Analog to Digital conversions of any sort tend to be time-consuming. Almost ALL conversions must be done in real-time. In other words, if you want to digitize that old Beatles album, you will have to play the whole album.
  • Music from records and cassettes are converted to Audio CDs or Flash Drives in WAV format that can be played in automobile players or CD players at home.
  • It is possible to record movies provided that they don’t have a ‘do not copy’ warning or a chip to prevent making a copy. Commercial movies made in the last few years are the ones with this ‘no copy’ chip. Commercial movies are copyrighted and should not be copied.
  • If you have a few 35mm slides you want to copy, we can scan them. The scan process is slow but it does a wonderful job with high resolution and color correction to a degree.  If you have many slides (over 20) we have a faster method, however, there is no correction as in a scan. In this method, all the slides are loaded into a cassette, displayed with a slide projector on a screen and a camera shoots a photo of the display. The camera image is downloaded in a computer and uploaded to your Flash Drive or CD.
  • Regarding photographs, if you have the negative, a copy from it is far superior to a copy from a photo.
  • Any images scanned & copied to a CD or Flash Drive can be printed at home.
  • We do not have the equipment to digitize 8mm or Super 8mm film.

Request Mentoring

To receive instruction to do any of the above, email the Secretary giving your name, TBTC membership number and what you want to do and a Mentor will be provided. All of the above is free to members. After you are instructed and qualified, you may come to the lab any time it is open and work on your own. If you don’t want to spend time waiting for the conversion to complete (done in real time), you can drop off your work and a volunteer will do it for you for a fee that goes entirely to TBTC. This fee schedule is shown on the TBTC Digital Media Services page.